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Getting Ready for Market

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Tips from an Interior Designer for “Staging” your home for resale.

There are a few things that can be changed to get your home ready for market or “Staging” your home, without a huge budget. Staging is a business decision for the homeowner and the Real Estate Agent. Staged homes sell faster and for more money. The statistics say the orientation is towards the seller getting a return on their investment, with a rate of return at approximately $2-$3 per every dollar spent. Staged properties are designed to appeal to a wide range of possible buyers, much like a model home. Staging maximizes the property’s appeal and takes the “you” out of the house, concentrating on three major considerations: cleanliness, clutter reduction and color – all enhancing the showing of the home to the prospective buyer.

The first things to evaluate are the architectual features of the home that are important to highlight and enhance? Elements that cannot be replaced or reworked without the major time and money need to be creatiively accessorized to hide some flaws. Examples are moldings, flooring, fireplace materials & the fixtures throughout the home. So if we cannot change these things, then what can we do? How do we work with what we have and add to it or, more importantly, take things away? Depending on your budget and your time line, here are a few suggestions.

Start by repairing damaged walls and painting rooms that need an updated look. Keep the paint colors neutral: warm whites and beige tones and then accent your moldings and trims in white, for a crisp look. Almost anyone looking at a new home can work within those tones, using their own furnishings.

Give your kitchen or bathrooms an updated look by changing door hardware and light fixtures. Update the finishes into chrome, or brushed nickel. If vanities are damaged, try to replace the vanity tops; match the plumbing fixtures keeping in the neutral tones.

Remove any dated or worn wall coverings and repaint rooms in those areas. Window treatments that are also dated should be removed and can be replaced with something simple, such as wood blinds. Remove screens on the windows to allow in as much possible natural light to enter the home.

Replace and damged wall-to-wall carpeting in the rooms that are focal points in the home. Again, keep the tones neutral. The new clean carpeting will give the appearance of a much larger room. Additional rooms can be professionally cleaned. Add an area rug to pull together rooms with hardwood floors.

Remember, prospective buyers are walking throught your home thinking about how much time and money it will take to get this home to their liking. If it’s updated and has been cleaned up to begin with, they are going to be ready to buy and move right in. If you’re thinking this is too much effort, “I just want to sell this house” and your not willing to invest money into this home before you put it on the market, then here’s some free-to-low budget ideas.

One of the most important things you can do is pack-up all personal pictures and collections and place them into storage. You’ll need to remove all clutter from counter tops, desks and dresser tops. You might to want re-arrange your furniture to show off the rooms. You may have too many pieces of mismatched furniture and should consider placing furniture in storage as well. Consider renting furniture for rooms that are empty; a house sells when it is filled and looks lived in. Spend some money on new accessories for the main rooms. Women buyers spend the most amount of time in the kitchen, the master bedroom and the bathrooms when looking for a new home. Add a silk tree in the corner of a large kitchen to soften hard edges of cabinetry and greenery above cabinets. Stage this ‘home’ by setting the kitchen table with placemats, napkins and floral centerpiece.

In the bathrooms, add new hand and bathroom towels, eliminate the fuzzy toilet seat cover and invest in a new shower curtain. Add throw pillows and a new throw to your not-so-new sofa to update your living area. Add new lamps and warm white light bulbs throughout the house. Add a table runner on your dining room table and new centerpiece. This will show your home as a place to entertain in. A potential buyer is emotionally envisioning their friends and family in that space.

Think of your home, now, as a model home. Everything is clean, uncluttered and you;ve accented the best features of your home. Staging is worth the time and investment, no matter what level of budget. The end results is your home selling faster, and for more money! What better reason to start staging plans today to get you ready for market?