Solid Gold Gets it Sold

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What’s the most important goal behind an Offer to Purchase? Agreement! How do buyers and sellers achieve that goal? Negotiation! And yet the term “negotiation often sends people running for the door, because they believe that negotiation is simply another word for conflict.

Not true! Negotiation is a golden opportunity for everyone involved to get what they want. Of course, it’s critical to know beforehand exactly what you want, and an indicator of a successful intermediary is a strong desire to understand the wants and needs of the other party as well.

This is where years of experience in the real estate business can really make a difference, because real estate is not really about houses and condos – it’s about people! What other profession can you think of that relies so heavily on mutual agreement (and satisfaction) between two parties?

If your selling or offering to buy a property, you can benefit from representation by an agent who is a good listener and a good communicator. Real estate is all about relationships, and the best way to foster a good relationship is through honesty. So never be afraid to voice your wishes and concerns to your agent-mediator.

Locating a buyer or finding your perfect home can be challenging. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, let an experienced professional make sure you get it!